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DOTA 2 New Hero: Monkey King Swings Into Action – Watch Teaser [Video]

DOTA 2 New Hero: Monkey King Swings Into Action – Watch Teaser [Video]
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DOTA 2 New Hero: Monkey King Swings Into Action – Watch Teaser [Video]

DOTA 2, Valve Corporation’s popular MOBA is unveiling a new hero (in-game character) this fall. The surprise reveal of Monkey King happened at the recently concluded The Internation 6, the most prestigious e-sports tournament to date.

It is still unclear whether the new hero will be taking on a carry (damage dealer) or support role. However given the nature of the game, he could switch between roles much like how Wraith King, another carry, was sometimes relegated to a support role a few years back.

According to Heavy, the teaser also shows Monkey King fighting Beastmaster with a multitude of attacks, both magical and physical. In addition, he was also shown to utilize multiple illusions to his advantage.

Monkey King The New Phantom Lancer?

This makes him almost similar with another DOTA 2 hero: Phantom Lancer. Phantom Lancer a.k.a. PL is the king of illusions easily creating copies of himself by just attacking.

This allows him to overwhelm other heroes that lack area-of-effect spells or attacks that can quickly clear his illusions. Monkey King might utilize the same play style and opt for the same item builds in the game.

This is a historical moment for the game as the hero will be the first one released that is not part of the original Warcraft 3 mod. Icefrog, who took over the Defense of the Ancients mod from previous developers Eul and Guinsoo, is now working for Valve and probably had a hand in the creation of this new hero.

As per Defense of the Ancients, the final hero from the original mod will finally be shipped to DOTA 2. Pitlord, now renamed Abyssal Underlord will be joining the roster on August 23rd.

His wide array of area-of-effect spells is great for clearing huge swaths of enemies, especially illusions. It seems that the perfect counter to Monkey King has already made his appearance before the hero is even released.

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