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‘Dora The Explorer’ Suspended For Vaping Inside School Bathroom, Caused Another Student’s Expulsion

‘Dora The Explorer’ Suspended For Vaping Inside School Bathroom, Caused Another Student’s Expulsion
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‘Dora The Explorer’ Suspended For Vaping Inside School Bathroom, Caused Another Student’s Expulsion

Exploring different places with the help of the Map may be the favorite activity of “Dora the Explorer,” but the exploring attitude of Fatima Ptacek, the actress behind the famous character’s voice, caused trouble for her.

According to New York Daily News, the young actress and model, who has been lending her voice to the well-loved Nickelodeon character, got suspended for three days after being caught trying a caramel-flavored water in a vaporizer pipe with two other friends inside a bathroom of Avenues The World School in December.

While the 15-year-old actress only faced a short suspension and the second girl reportedly did not receive any form of penalty at all, the third girl was expelled.

Following this, the suspended girl’s parents, Nadia Leonelli and Fredrik Sundwall, filed a complaint on Monday questioning the move of the school, whose tuition fee reaches $40,000 per year. The report revealed that the parents of the child, only identified in court papers with the initials M.S., claimed that “administrators were arbitrary and capricious and violated their own policies by forcing their daughter to withdraw.”

The parents reportedly said that their daughter and Fatima Ptacek were “overwhelmed by fear” prompting them to deny the allegation when confronted on Dec. 10. Amid this initial denial, the parents shared that their child relayed to them the truth right after saying that it was peer pressure that pushed her in such an act.

It was further claimed that she just wanted to appear “cool” to the actress considering that “she is older than M.S. and is a celebrity, being the actress who does the voice of ‘Dora the Explorer’ on television and having a movie nominated for the Oscars.”

Meanwhile, it was narrated that the celebrity eventually admitted to these allegations as well to the school administrators through a written statement.

The New York Post haveeached out to the Avenues but got no concrete information. “Matters involving litigation and discipline of students are private and confidential,” a school spokesperson told the news site, while a rep of Fatima Ptacek  did not comment.

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