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Doomsday Predictions: Here’s A Preppers Guide To Survival From Scientists

Doomsday Predictions: Here’s A Preppers Guide To Survival From Scientists
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Doomsday Predictions: Here’s A Preppers Guide To Survival From Scientists

Since the time of Nostradamus, a famed French apothecarist, people have been intrigued by doomsday predictions and stories. Although the scientific community gives lesser weight to apocalyptic predictions, scientists are slowly considering the possibility of this dreaded time, even issuing some tips on how to survive when this happens.

Although a self-inflicted doomsday scenario is possible, considering the current situation with all the world’s most powerful nations fighting each other for nuclear supremacy, what’s beyond the Earth posed a greater threat.

From the possibility of a massive asteroid hitting the Earth, which could totally and easily obliterate the planet in an instant, to a gradual but deadly rising surface temperate, which could potentially kill plants and animals vital to human survival – all of these are possible.

According to an article from science website Nautilus, one of the most probable scenarios that could endanger life forms on Earth is the depletion of CO2. Carbon dioxide is important in sustaining life on Earth. Without it, unless there will be way to artificially produce CO2 in a large scale, it’s impossible to survive, and animals, including humans, will die eventually.

But before the catastrophic year even arrives, there are plenty of ways scientists have suggested people on Earth could do. Probably the most peculiar of these suggestions is to upload our information in a robotic machine, since robots only need microchips and a little instruction in a form of code to survive.

“This would require advanced computing resources and a deeper understanding of neuroscience than are currently available, but there is no known fundamental reason why we could not exchange our biological hardware for robotic replacements. We could probably figure it out in the next few hundred million years,” the report reads.

Although current technology limits scientists of today to actually carry this out, everything is possible. With today’s technologies, there’s a high chance of materializing this rather peculiar idea.

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