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DOOM PS4 Review: Could Be Better Than Xbox One

DOOM PS4 Review: Could Be Better Than Xbox One
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DOOM PS4 Review: Could Be Better Than Xbox One

Early reviews of “DOOM” are already starting to suggest that expectations are going to be fulfilled. The game was reportedly one of the most anticipated FPS of the year. Although it’s still early, we have to ask the obvious question, which console performs better?

Luckily, Digital Foundry uploaded a gameplay of DOOM, a comparison of frame rate and resolution on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To clearly determine the performance on both platforms, the gameplay was compared with “the first four levels of the game on each system.”

In a way, it’s safe to say both console have succeeded in keeping up to expectations, running at 60fps at 1080p in most of the sequence. However, both platforms did go below its target goal at taxing moments like explosion of particles.

Although both platforms are doing a fine job, the video suggests that “the PS4 has an obvious edge here” compared to the Xbox One. PS4’s performance even at intense moments provided a better result than Xbox One. But, according to a outlet team member got hold by Game Rant, “It’s pretty simple to say that it looks and runs smoother on Sony’s console, but the Xbox One version is no slouch, either.”

The only issue stated as of now is the load time that occurs in between mission which ranges from 35 to 45 seonds. Not to mention, the 15 to 20 seconds loading screen after the player’s death. It could be possible this wouldn’t be an issue in PC. Yesterday we got a glimpse of DOOM’s gameplay in GTX1080P. We just have to wait and find out the game’s advance performance on PC platforms.

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