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April Fools Day: Fun Ideas To Prank Your Friends And Family

April Fools Day: Fun Ideas To Prank Your Friends And Family
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April Fools Day: Fun Ideas To Prank Your Friends And Family

April Fools Day is here.

It is the day when you can pull the wildest and craziest pranks and get away with it – because, well, it’s April Fools’ Day. Following are some of the most innovative and admittedly evil pranks that you can play on your colleagues, family and friends; but beware, as funny as they may seem, they could even get you into trouble. lists a few tricks that you can try. At your own risk, of course.

  • The toothpaste treat trick

The prank is simple and very effective. Replace the cream in Oreo sandwiches with toothpaste. There will surely be disappointment when your friends and colleagues take a bite of the biscuit, but don’t take it too far.

  • A mayonnaise-ing prank

This may not sound as monster-ly, but it is bound to produce effective results. Take a few donuts and – now here’s the fun part – substitute the custard filling with mayonnaise. Ha ha ha?

  • Air horn trick

This one takes the cake. Of course, it shouldn’t be practiced with someone with a heart condition. Attach an air horn to the toilet wall. As your prey will open the door… Well, need anything more be said? *Evil grin

Bustle also came out with very creative pranks you can, in this case, play on your parents; well, once you’re old (old enough, at least), they can’t take away your TV time or ground you, right?

  • Auto-correct prank

This works best when your parents are, not to sound offensive, a little technologically challenged. Go to your parents’ phone settings and change keyboard shortcuts and auto-corrects to hilarious words and phrases; and let the fun unfold.

  • Tell them you’re pregnant

Okay, this sounds a little extreme, but we think it’s appropriate – considering it’s the day of pranks. Call/text your parents and give them the surprise. We can’t tell you what will happen next, though. *Wink

Our partners deserve our love, there’s no denying that. But there’s no harm in pulling pranks on them on April 1, is there? Following are a few tricks you can play on your partners, as listed by Mashable:

  • Replace your contact on your partner’s phone with their mother’s. You want us to spell out how that will unfold?
  • Tell your partner you’ll have to relocate quite far because of your job (how far will have to depend on how tolerant your partner is. Mars is a good idea). But just make sure you maintain a serious expression on your face; you wouldn’t want to compromise your trick.
  • Pretend that you lost your wedding ring, and hope she doesn’t bring the roof down.

While there is much fun to have on April 1, media houses and publications release fake news as pranks on their readers to celebrate this day. While it is all right to have fun and, as a bit of a stretch, laugh at others expenses, it is highly advised that one remains cautious about fake news and stories.

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