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Donald Trump’s Name Missing From Oregon Ballot, Report

Donald Trump’s Name Missing From Oregon Ballot, Report
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Donald Trump’s Name Missing From Oregon Ballot, Report

A picture that shows an Oregon ballot listing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton twice but no mention of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s name created a stir on social media.

The picture of the ballot was shared by Twitter user John Lussier. In it, Clinton’s name appeared twice, but there was no mention of Trump. The post, which has since been removed, said, “The Oregon state ballot doesn’t even bother with putting Trump on as a choice for president this year!!”

Donald Trump: Republican candidate missing from Oregon ballot?

As reported by KGW, the original post contained several hashtags to encourage Trump supporters to retweet and share the image. By Friday afternoon, the post had been shared as many as 1,000 times. Lussier also tagged right-leaning media outlets to cast a wider net.

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However, in an hour, Lussier shared another post, saying his previous tweet was a hoax. “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet folks,” the tweet read.

He explained that the picture was Photoshopped by his friend. Lussier was criticized from both sides of the political spectrum for misleading and spreading false information. The original post was also shared on other social media channels like Facebook and NextDoor.

Donald Trump: John Lussier said he ‘was not expecting so many retweets and shares’

In a statement, which can be read here, Lussier said he shared the picture on Twitter “and tagged some influential folks from the #TrumpTrain on Twitter — I wanted to see their reaction.”

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He also said the massive number of retweets his post received was surprising. “I was not expecting so many retweets and shares,” he said.

“I’m now getting all kinds of replies: ‘Look, this all is rigged!’ ‘Can this be real?’ ‘My ballot has Trump on it!’ After it took off I wanted to make sure folks knew it was fake, but by then it was too late. I’m not sure whether to delete the tweet, or continue replying to people letting them know, “Hey this was a hoax. You can’t trust everything you read or see and we’re each responsible for checking on the information we pass on.”

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