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Donald Trump Withdraws Presidential Bid, Transfers Delegates To Sarah Palin – Report

Donald Trump Withdraws Presidential Bid, Transfers Delegates To Sarah Palin – Report


Donald Trump Withdraws Presidential Bid, Transfers Delegates To Sarah Palin – Report

In a sudden turn of event, the Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump, who is vying to get the party’s nomination, finally gave in to the calls for him to give up his ‘White House dream’. He transferred all the delegates he gathered to Sarah Palin.

After hours of a closed-door meeting with Trump and some of the top leaders of the GOP, the party has arrived at a decision that shocked the world. As of Thursday, the New York billionaire had a total of 191 delegates, just a few delegates short to secure the party’s nomination, the Huffington Post reported.

The strong opposition to the idea of Trump as the party’s nominee is not a new thing. In fact, even some Republican senators and congressmen have expressed opposition to Trump or said they won’t support Trump’s candidacy should he be declared as the party’s official nominee.

According to a recent online survey conducted by Roll Call at the Capitol’s employees, more than half of GOP staffers said they would not support Trump’s candidacy if he wins the party’s nomination. The survey, which was conducted between March 16 and 22, asked 295 Capitol staffers about their inclination to support the party’s nominee. Of the 295 surveyed employees, 157 of them are Republicans, and the remaining 130 are Democrats.

One interesting twist of this no-to-Trump craze is when the party decided to accept Trump’s replacement, no other than the Republican vice presidential wannabe and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Palin originally ran as a running mate of John McCain. But many critics slammed the party’s decision to have Trump and Palin as the party’s would-be nominees to begin with, the Chicago Tribune reported.

In the same opinion article, although Palin serves as the current governor of Alaska, she has no qualification whatsoever to be the next vice president. Having both Trump and Palin as president and vice president, respectively is a disaster.

If you think this story is too good to be true, it is because it isn’t true. Happy April Fools Day from the Morning News USA Team.

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