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Donald Trump Will Shoot Russian Warplanes

Donald Trump Will Shoot Russian Warplanes
Donald Trump Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC by 2.0


Donald Trump Will Shoot Russian Warplanes

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has no problem shooting down Russian jets that will come close to US military assets. According to the candidate, he will shoot down the war planes should diplomacy fail and the Kremlin ignores requests to stop.

Trump, who pronounced himself as the “presumptive nominee” of the Republican party following his series of victories, made the statement to BuzzFeed radio show K File on Sunday when asked about the situation involving Russian military zooming at US navy vessels.

“It just shows how low we’ve gone where they can toy with us like that,” Newsweek quoted Trump. He emphasized how Russia does not have respect for President Barack Obama.

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“Normally, an Obama, let’s say a president, because you want to make at least a call or two, but normally Obama would call up Putin and say, ‘Listen, do us a favor, don’t do that, get that maniac, just stop it.’ But we don’t have that kind of a president. He’s gonna be out playing golf or something,” Trump added.

“And if that doesn’t work out, I don’t know, you know, at a certain point, when that sucker comes by you, you gotta shoot,” he added. “You gotta shoot. I mean, you gotta shoot. And it’s a shame. It’s a shame. It’s a total lack of respect for our country and it’s a total lack of respect for Obama. Which as you know, they don’t respect.”

Trump’s controversial statement was made following two separate incidents, both in April, where Russian jets barrel rolled US forces.

The chief of US naval operations, however, claimed that the Russians were not trying to start anything with the interception.

“I don’t think the Russians are trying to provoke an incident. I think they’re trying to send a signal,” RT quoted Adm. John M. Richardson.

“I think it’s pretty clear that they are wanting to let us know that they see that we are up there in the Baltic.”

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