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Donald Trump Welcomes Truckers Into The White House

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Donald Trump Welcomes Truckers Into The White House

With efforts to repeal Obamacare proving to be quite a challenge, President Trump decided to meet with several truckers in the White House. According to the White House, the president believes many in the trucking industry “has suffered greatly under Obamacare.”

As a matter of fact, American Trucking Associations (ATA) President and CEO Chris Spear agrees. “The Affordable Care Act is just plain unaffordable,” Spear said in a statement.

Trucking association supports Trump.

The trucking industry is responsible for moving as much as 70 percent of the nation’s freight. It also contributes as much as 56 percent to the country’s GDP. ” To grow our economy, we need to take care of the people that move America forward,” Spear explained.

At the White House, Trump met with the ATA along with a contingent of America’s Road Team Captains. “Obamacare has inflicted great pain on American truckers. Many of you were forced to buy health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges,” Trump said in his remarks as he addressed the group.

Trucking companies who attended the meeting included James Burg Trucking Co., Old Dominion Freight Line, FedEx Freight, U.C. Xpress Inc., UPS Freight, Kenan Advantage Group, Crete Carrier Corp. and CRST International Inc. They were also joined by the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association.

At present, there as much as 7.3 million people who work in America’s trucking industry. Of these, 3.5 million are professional truck drivers. According to ATA Chairman Kevin Burch, health and safety are important to every single one of them. “We are here to tell you Mr. President, that the trucking industry will support you as you work towards solving America’s health care challenges,” Burch further said.

“After we repeal and replace Obamacare, we’re going to do everything we can to make sure truckers stay busy moving American goods made by American companies and workers,” Trump said at the meeting.

Trump pretends to be a trucker.

During the meeting, Trump also headed outside the White House and climbed aboard one of the trucks parked outside. While being cheered by truckers around him, he honked the horn several times.

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