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Donald Trump Twitter: President-Elect ‘Steps Down’ From Offices

Donald Trump Twitter: President-Elect ‘Steps Down’ From Offices
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Donald Trump Twitter: President-Elect ‘Steps Down’ From Offices

President-elect Donald Trump “stepping down” from office? A few hours ago, the billionaire businessman tweeted that he will be “leaving” something and will hold a discussion with his children regarding the matter.

While the tweet triggered widespread speculation, there was no question what The Donald meant with his words. Yes, the real estate mogul will be stepping down from his companies, a necessary move if he plans to serve as president.

Donald Trump Has 144 Companies With Dealings Overseas

According to CNN, Donald Trump listed 144 individual companies from his recent financial disclosures that have had dealings in at least 25 countries all over the world. There is a possibility that these business dealings could overlap, even interfere, with his future foreign policy decisions.

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Among the interests include golf course deals in the UAE and real estate projects in India. The interests also cover non-real estate related deals. This includes deals with companies involved in beverage sales in Israel.

Trump’s dealings have already garnered widespread criticism from many on the left. The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, a vocal critic of Trump during the election, called out the president-elect on the possible conflict of interest.

According to TIME, Noah suggested that Trump’s business interests might make for a “less focused” president.

“He’ll be the first Commander-in-Chief who’s doing president as his part-time job,” Noah said on last Monday’s episode.

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Trump Children To Run The Business As Their Father Serves As President?

However, it appears that Trump is already aware of such conflicts of interest. After announcing on Twitter that he will be holding a news conference on December 15, he also said that he will be taking a leave from his businesses.

That being said, it will now probably be up to the Trump children to manage their father’s multi-billion dollar business, at least until the end of his term. This comes as no surprise, given that Donald Trump has already groomed Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. to take the reins of the company.

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