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Donald Trump Twitter: President-elect Banned From Tweeting Again, Report

Donald Trump Twitter: President-elect Banned From Tweeting Again, Report
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Donald Trump Twitter: President-elect Banned From Tweeting Again, Report

Twitter has threatened to ban President-elect Donald Trump from his account. In doing so, the social networking site has, indeed, taken an unprecedented move.

Donald Trump Twitter: Account Ban

A Twitter spokesperson said that they would consider banning government officials, including Trump, from their site if their “hateful conduct” rule was violated.

Furthermore, the spokesperson added that the Twitter Rules is applicable on every accounts, said Infowars.

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“Twitter Rules prohibit violent threats, harassment, hateful conduct,” the spokesperson said.

“We will take action on accounts violating those policies.”

Previously, the President-elect had used Twitter as the biggest medium for his views and rants. On Twitter, he took on the media, humiliated women, eulogized himself and lied blatantly.

However, Trump’s offensive speeches on Twitter were not the concerning ones. In fact, Twitter is  more concerned about his hateful conduct.

Although, Tump has not yet violated that line, however, he had made fiery remarks. His recent comments on Abdul Razak Ali Artan could serve as the perfect example.

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Ali Artan had recently attacked students at Ohio State University.

Trump stated that Ali Artan should not have been in the United states. He also seemed to suggest that a Somali refugee should not have been allowed to live in the U.S.

Many Republicans had also grown tired of Trump’s incendiary remarks, said Quartz.

Donald Trump Twitter: Facebook Will Impose Ban?

Meanwhile, Facebook, like Twitter, had also struggled to formulate new guidelines in terms of hateful conduct. This was somewhat pushed by the activities of the president-elect.

However, Facebook has hinted that it would refrain from applying community rules on Trump’s posts. This was because of the newsworthiness of such posts.

Moreover, there is a widespread popularity and support for his views, said Slate.

On the other hand, Facebook has taken an increasingly permissive view towards Trump and other public figures. This was led by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

A Facebook spokesperson said that when there is violating content on the site, they take context into consideration.

“That context can include the value of political discourse,” the spokesperson said.

In addition, the spokesperson said that this approach wasn’t Trump specific.

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