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Donald Trump Twitter: Carrier Deal To Lose More Jobs Instead Of Saving Them

Donald Trump Twitter: Carrier Deal To Lose More Jobs Instead Of Saving Them
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Donald Trump Twitter: Carrier Deal To Lose More Jobs Instead Of Saving Them

People are calling the deal made with Carrier Corp. to retain jobs in the U.S. as the biggest victory of Donald Trump. But is the reality far worse that it sounds? Is Carrier shipping off more jobs than it plans to keep?

With Hillary Clinton backing Jill Stein’s Recount 2016, Donald Trump’s Carrier deal was struck at a crucial time. It not only helped prevent several workers from going jobless; it also helped Trump make good on his promise to protect manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

Donald Trump Twitter: Carrier Deal Details

Carrier Corp. had already made all preparations of shutting down its manufacturing plant in Indianapolis and head to Mexico. Around 1,400 workers would have lost their jobs in the process.

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When the company originally made the announcement back in February, it became a national issue. Donald Trump, who was then a Republican nominee, brought up the matter during one of the Presidential conventions.

Trump actively rallied against the decision. However, it did nothing to stop Carrier from moving ahead with its plan. Soon, the Union was working out a severance package with the company.

Although nobody had faith he would follow through with his claims, President-Elect Trump reached out to Carrier recently.

“I called Greg and I said, ‘It’s really important we have to do something because you have a lot of people leaving,’” said Trump, reported the Wall Street Journal.

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After offering the company $7 million in tax breaks, Trump, with a little help from Mike Pence, managed to make the company reverse its decision. Along with staying put, 1,000 jobs will be retained in the U.S., the company’s Twitter account said.

“We are pleased to have reached a deal with President-elect Trump & VP-elect Pence to keep close to 1,000 jobs in Indy. More details soon,” tweeted Carrier.

Donald Trump Twitter: Carrier Deal A Scam?

However, not much else was revealed at the time. Now that further information is coming in, it seems like the deal with Carrier seems to have benefited the company more than the workers.

Only 800 jobs that the company had planned to move will be kept back in the U.S. The company still plans to ship off 600 jobs to Mexico.

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Also, the company might spare the closing of one of its plants in Indiana; however, it still plans to close a second plant in Huntington. Hence, an additional 700 employees will be laid off from the plant.

While Trump takes a victory lap, other Indiana-based employers are laying off thousands of employees due to foreign competition, as reported by Reuters.

But the President-Elect has already shifted his focus to the next thing on his agenda – building a wall.

“Trust me, we’re going to build a wall,” he said.

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