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Donald Trump Tries For ‘America First’ Budget

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Donald Trump Tries For ‘America First’ Budget

The Trump administration has released its budget proposal. According to the White House, President Donald Trump’s main goal is to make “America First.” That said, the budget’s aim is to allocate more for defending the country while cutting budgets to other agencies.

Budget is all about ‘America First.’

“So you have an ‘America First’ candidate, you have an ‘America First’ budget,” White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said in a statement. During his press briefing, Mulvaney explained that Trump is trying to “shrink the role government, drive efficiencies, go after waste, duplicative programs.” He pointed out that what Trump had discussed on the campaign trail is also in the budget.

As for defense spending, the budget allotted is currently $54 billion. According to the budget plan, “The President’s Budget would ensure we remain the best led, best equipped, and most ready force in the world.” That said, it includes allotments for the restoration program for the U.S. Army. At the same time, it would also help increase the U.S. Navy’s fleet.

Meanwhile, the Air Force will be given additional F-35 Joint Strike fighters to allow them to address a “growing number of complex threats.” The defense budget will also include an allotment for improved cyberspace security.

State Department and EPA get budget cuts.

To make defense’s $54 billion budget happen, Trump had decided to make cuts elsewhere. “You will, in other parts of the budget, find a corresponding $54 billion’s worth of reductions,” Mulvaney explained. Agencies that subject to budget cuts include the State Department and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

As a consequence, there may be job reductions looming in the EPA. Reports surfaced saying that the cuts could affect as much as 3,000 jobs. As for the State Department, it is subject to a 28 percent reduction in budget.

Nonetheless, there is an Overseas Contingency Operations funding amounting to $12 billion. It is primarily used in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, there is $3.1 billion allotted to the country’s security assistance commitment Israel.

On the other hand, the president is looking to eliminate the Global Climate Change Initiative by ceasing payments to United Nations’ climate change programs. This move reportedly “fulfills the President’s pledge.”

“You’ll see reductions exactly where you would expect it from a President who just ran on an ‘America First’ campaign,” Mulvaney remarked.

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