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Donald Trump To Fight Legendary Boxer Roberto Duran In The Ring?

Donald Trump To Fight Legendary Boxer Roberto Duran In The Ring?
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Donald Trump To Fight Legendary Boxer Roberto Duran In The Ring?

Legendary boxer Roberto Duran wants to fight Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the ring. The boxer is popularly called “Manos de Piedra” (Hands of Stone) due to his powerful punch.

The 65-year-old Latino, who is ranked as one of the world’s greatest boxers gave an open challenge to Trump on Twitter via a video, Radar Online reports. Roberto Duran was doing a Q&A with actor Edgar Ramirez.

Ramirez is playing Duran in a new film about the Panamanian boxer’s life. The film is aptly named “Hands of Stone.” The sexagenarian seemed to be put off with the comments of Donald Trump regarding his people.

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On being asked who he with whom he would like to step into the ring today, pat came his reply. “I would like to step in the ring with Donald Trump to see how many Latinos he’s going to deport and to see how strong he really thinks he is.”

The boxer who is loved all over Panama spoke in the Q&A in Spanish. He got help in the translations from Edgar Ramirez.

Roberto Duran, who is loved all over Panama, said that Donald Trump’s controversial comments about Latinos have given rise to a culture war. The boxer has won over 100 professional fights and retired in 2002.

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Donald Trump has come under fire of late for his comments on Hispanics. Previously, the presidential candidate made a sweeping statement that Mexican immigrants were bringing drugs, Mirror UK reports.

Meanwhile, he has targeted Hollywood star Eva Longoria several times. The 41-year-old actress reacted sharply at the Democratic National Convention in July.

She said when Trump called them “criminals and rapists” he was insulting Americans. Longoria added that her father is neither a “criminal or a rapist.”

Getting in the ring with Trump would be dream come true for Roberto Duran to defend his people.

The film “Hands of Stone” starring Robert De Niro will hit theaters on Aug.26.

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