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Donald Trump Says He Was Cheated Due To Voter Fraud

Donald Trump Says He Was Cheated Due To Voter Fraud
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Donald Trump Says He Was Cheated Due To Voter Fraud

President-elect Donald Trump has expressed disappointment over the recount efforts made by Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Trump criticized the efforts, which have now been supported by Hillary Clinton’s campaign as well. He added that he would have won the popular vote if millions of votes had not been cast illegally.

President-elect Donald Trump claims voter fraud happened

While the president-elect specified three states – Virginia, California and New Hampshire – where he claimed voter fraud happened, there is no concrete evidence to prove that ballots were cast illegally, according to White House Correspondent Julie Pace.

Pace further said that when Trump’s transition team was asked for evidence that could point to voter fraud, “all that they can point us to is a news article from 2014 and a broad study from before the election about irregularities in the voter rules.”

The vote recount, led by Stein, can begin in Wisconsin as early as Thursday. Subsequently, the Green Party candidate will be looking to extend her efforts in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Donald Trump’s contradiction

There is contradiction in what Trump is claiming. On one hand, he said there should be no recount and that Clinton has already conceded to the election, effectively making him president-elect. Trump, though, has been claiming that millions of votes were cast illegally.

“Presumably, if you think there was illegal voting happening, you would support a recount,” Pace said.

The Clinton campaign said it will support the recount effort. It further added that it will be sending a lawyer to make sure the former secretary of state’s interests are being “adhered to.”

While the margins with which Trump won in the states are narrow, they are large enough to not significantly impact the overall outcome.

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