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Donald Trump Refuses To Sign Anything That Does Not ‘Take Care Of The People’

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Donald Trump Refuses To Sign Anything That Does Not ‘Take Care Of The People’

“And by the way, if we’re not going to take care of the people, I’m not signing anything.” These were Trump’s remarks regarding the repeal of Obamacare. However, the situation is more complicated than some may think.

“Trumpcare” or the American Health Care Act (AHCA) will reportedly hurt more people who voted for Trump than help them. This is because the proposed bill, which would take apart the current Affordable Care Act, would benefit more counties that actually voted for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Tax cuts will benefit Clinton supporters more than Trump’s.

The difference in tax cuts between these areas is more than double. According to an analysis by Bloomberg, the annual tax cuts would amount to $21 billion in counties that supported Clinton. In contrast, the annual tax cuts would only total to $6.6 billion in counties that voted for Trump.

This is because the tax cuts would apply to individuals with at least $200,000 in income. It would also benefit married couples with $250,000 in income. Meanwhile, analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation said that the current proposal is “flat” for individuals earning $75,000 and couples earning $150,000.

States who voted for Trump will lose a lot of its tax credits.

States that won’t benefit much from the annual tax cuts include Alaska, Arizona, Alabama, North Carolina, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wyoming and West Virginia. According to a report from Business Insider, these states will end up with the largest tax credit decrease. That means the states that supported Trump will only get a third of the tax relief going to those supporting Clinton.

Trump is aware that AHCA tax cuts will do more harm than good for his supporters.

When asked during an interview on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Trump said he was aware of the situation. “Oh, I know that,” he remarked about the tax cut issue.

“A lot of things aren’t inconsistent, but these things are going to be negotiated,” he said, adding that further negotiations will happen. “But these things are to be negotiated.”

Despite issues, Trump insisted that Obamacare should be replaced. The president maintained, “Obamacare is a disaster.”

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