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With Donald Trump Presidency Looming, Many Apply For Colleges In Canada

With Donald Trump Presidency Looming, Many Apply For Colleges In Canada
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With Donald Trump Presidency Looming, Many Apply For Colleges In Canada

  • Dramatic upsurge in number of applications to Canadian universities witnessed following November 8 election results.
  • Fearing safety and deportation, Overseas students look towards countries like Canada and Australia.
  • In 2014, Canadian government announced plans to increase number of foreign students.

Several American students are looking to apply to Canadian colleges in the wake of President-elect Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 US elections.

Applications and website traffic in Canadian colleges has witnessed a dramatic upsurge since the results of the November 8 US elections were declared. Trump won the election over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump presidency: “That’s not a country I want to live in.”

As reported by FOX News, applications at the University of Toronto have increased by as much as 70 percent since the last year. The website traffic has upped by almost 12 times.

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17-year-old Lara Godoff, from California, said she is not looking to stay in the US following the presidential election results. Godoff, who is a Democrat, says she fears Trump may relax enforcement of federal rules against sexual assault. This, she says, could make campuses more vulnerable.

Godoff had initially applied to only one Canadian college but included three more to her list. “If we live in a country where so many people could elect Donald Trump, then that’s not a country I want to live in,” she said, as reported by Global News.

Overseas students are also avoiding seeking admission in US universities, fearing safety and deportation. They are opting for universities in Canada or Australia.

Canadian colleges expecting to see more American students on campuses following Donald Trump’s victory

“I think everybody in international education is a little uneasy, in part because some of the rhetoric in the campaign frightened people overseas,” vice provost for international education at the University at Buffalo, Stephen Dunnett said. “It’s going to be perhaps a little bit rocky for a couple of years.”

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Canadian colleges are expecting to see more US students on campuses. However, it has not yet been estimated how many US students will apply to Canada next fall.

According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, almost 9,000 students from America enrolled in Canadian colleges in 2014. The number was in contrast to as many as 57,000 students from China for the same year.

The government of Canada had announced plans to increase the number of foreign students in its universities by 2022. In lieu of this, they had increased recruitment in the US, offering students an international experience close to home.

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