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Donald Trump Allegedly Praises Saddam Hussein: He Maybe Echoing Iraqis’ Opinion

Donald Trump Allegedly Praises Saddam Hussein: He Maybe Echoing Iraqis’ Opinion
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Donald Trump Allegedly Praises Saddam Hussein: He Maybe Echoing Iraqis’ Opinion

Did Donald Trump just praise Saddam Hussein during one of his political press conferences? But did he just echo what some of the Iraqis are saying now?

And Donald Trump has managed to do it again. Stoop lower than ever before that is. In a recent press conference on Monday, Trump casually alluded to the fact that Saddam Hussein was not as bad a person as people make him out to be.

In an attempt to take down Jeb Bush’s campaign, who is being assisted by his brother and former POTUS, George W. Bush, Trump decided to unleash his ultimate weapon – criticize George W. Bush’s presidential run.

That wouldn’t be such a problem if Mr. Trump knew what to talk about and most importantly when to draw the line. After entering the topic of the invasion of Iraq, Trump could have easily swung the other way and talked about how incorrect Bush’s war strategy was.

Instead, he chose to say this, reports The Daily Beast:

“You know, Saddam Hussein was a bad guy. But one thing about him: He killed terrorists.”

Did Donald Trump just extend his admiration towards a ruthless dictator who had openly declared his support for terrorism and murdered his own people?

Or was it a deliberate move after the horrific bombing in Baghdad recently?

It seems like Trump is not the only one who is rethinking Saddam Hussein’s conduct as the ruler of the Middle East. Due to the unstable and desperate state that Iraq is in at the present, Iraqis are being forced to wonder if they were better off with Saddam overseeing their country.

An Iraqi Man, named Kadhim Sharif al-Jabouri, who had worked for the Hussein family, only to have his family tortured and killed by Saddam later on, recently spoke out in favor of the former dictator of his country.

Back in 2003, when American forces had invaded Iraq to end the barbaric rule of Saddam Hussein, Jabouri was one of those happy individuals who had helped tear down a statue of Saddam Hussein that until then had stood tall in the Central Baghdad, reports

However, situations have worsened after initial improvements and Jabouri has expressed his regret in turning his back on Saddam Hussein.

“Now, when I go by that statue, I feel pain and shame. I ask myself, why did I topple that statue? I’d like to put it back up. To rebuild it. But I’m afraid I’d be killed,” he said in an interview.

Jabouri went on to mention that George W. Bush never really delivered on his promise to keep Iraq safe and peaceful and the fact that he would choose one Saddam over the “1000 Saddams” that now seem to exist there.

Until now, George Bush’s operations on Iraq remain controversial. For someone to call Saddam Hussein “great” however, just undermined thee many atrocities the former leader committed not only Iraq, but around the world.

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