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Donald Trump Polls: NBC Leaked Video To Destroy Him, Hillary Clinton Tape Could Be Next

Donald Trump Polls: NBC Leaked Video To Destroy Him, Hillary Clinton Tape Could Be Next
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Donald Trump Polls: NBC Leaked Video To Destroy Him, Hillary Clinton Tape Could Be Next

The video tape in which GOP nominee Donald Trump could be seen making lewd remarks about women with Billy Bush was leaked by NBC executives to influence Trump’s presidential bid. The NBC executives are reportedly holding another scandalous tape of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The video tape, which shows Trump making the improper remark by saying “Grab ‘em by the p***y” with Billy Bush, was leaked by NBC to Washington Post.

According to a report by the Page Six, the “Access Hollywood” planned to release the tape ahead of the October 9 debate. However, it prevaricated, which caused internal NBC News concerns, and eventually lead to the decision to release the tape to alienate Donald Trump at the debate.

“Trump was leading in the polls, so the tape was leaked to derail his bid,” said an NBC insider. The insider added that the leak was supported by the NBC top ranks and was handed over the tape to the Washington Post to help Clinton. There was also no internal enquiry on who leaked the video since it was backed by the top brass.

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Also, the decision to air the tape ahead of the debate allowed NBC to skirt the legal issues associated with leaking the video tape recorded without Trump’s permission.

However, there are reports that NBC also holds similar damaging tapes of Hillary Clinton as well. In 1999, Juanita Broaddrick alleged during a Dateline interview that Bill Clinton forcibly had sex with her in 1978, when he was the Arkansas Attorney General.

Although, Broaddrick’s accounts on how she was raped was aired, allegations that Hillary had threatened her to keep her silence was not. According to her, Hillary had grabbed her by the arm and thanked her for “everything you do for Bill.” But when she tried to pull away, Hillary repeated the same line firmly by looking her in the eye. Broaddrick assumed it was a threat from Hillary to keep her silence.

The Mail Online reported that Broaddrick, a former Nursing Home administrator, had sued Bill Clinton in 1999 but the case was dismissed in 2001. Bill had also denied the allegations brought Broaddrick.

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