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Donald Trump News: Democrats Trying To Topple Down Trump Government Before 2017, Report

Donald Trump News: Democrats Trying To Topple Down Trump Government Before 2017, Report
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Donald Trump News: Democrats Trying To Topple Down Trump Government Before 2017, Report

The Democrats have reportedly initiated a counter-coup. This, allegedly, is an attempt to topple down the Donald Trump government.

Donald Trump: Counter-Coup By Democrats?

It was reported that globalists are calling for a recount of votes with the knowledge that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

Many believe that the globalists are exerting such effort to take away control held by the “American Patriots.”

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In addition, terror sleeper cells would eventually be activated across the nation, according to Infowars. Alex Jones reported that vote recounts are fraudulent. As pointed out by him, the recounts are only happening in Republican states where Donald Trump won.

Moreover, he added that the recounts are not conducted in states where the voting was allegedly rigged. He then talked about Green Party’s Jill Stein, who is involved in the recount. Stein allegedly stated that she was not going against Trump, but she was only concerned about the integrity of the elections.

Jones said that if it’s true, Stein should do a cross-section of states. However, Jones alleged that the Democratic Party is funding Stein to do this. The DNC allegedly gave $7 million to Stein in two days.

“They are launching a major offensive now,” Jones said.

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He talked about Michael Moore, the documentary filmmaker. Jones said that Moore was also part of this counter-coup.

“[Moore] saying we will not accept him as president. We’re gonna overthrow the government. They are actually with the mainstream media and the foreign banks trying to launch a revolution against our president-elect,” Jones stated.

Donald Trump: Democrats To Attack Trump’s Businesses?

As the Republicans control the Congress, the Democrats have no investigative power. Accordingly, they will not be able to look into Trump’s business practices.

However, to change all that, the Democrats have hired watchdog organizations, launching letter campaigns and allegedly recruiting sympathetic Republicans.

CNN Money reported that Trump owns or has a position in more than 500 companies.

Although he said he would give control over the family business to his children, experts are doubtful. Ethics experts stated that this would not eliminate conflict.

“Trump seems to believe he’s above the law,” said the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, Representative Elijah Cummings of Maryland.

“That’s dangerous for democracy, and it’s our duty to look at these situations.”

Furthermore, Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, stated that the White House would make sure that there is no conflict of interest.

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