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Donald Trump Naked: Facts About Joshua Monroe, Artist Behind Naked Trump Statues

Donald Trump Naked: Facts About Joshua Monroe, Artist Behind Naked Trump Statues
The Emperor Has No Balls Donald Trump Statues Vimeo


Donald Trump Naked: Facts About Joshua Monroe, Artist Behind Naked Trump Statues

Yes, you read it right. Donald Trump is naked, and he is popping around in several cities across the U.S. This is the latest art piece of from anarchist art collective known as INDECLINE. It is their latest campaign to attempt to humiliate the Republican presidential candidate.

The statues of Trump are all life-size. They show off his signature hair style while he stands with both palms across his stomach. He is completely naked, and has one noticeable flaw. Since the title of the project is “The Emperor Has No Balls,” you can probably guess what is missing from his statues.

In a video uploaded on its website, INDECLINE shows the work they had done to come up with Trump’s various life-size statues. The artist behind the work is Joshua Monroe, who goes by the pseudonym “Ginger” to avoid backlash from Trump supporters. He worked on the statues for more than 1,500 hours in a span of four months.

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According to a report from The Daily Beast, Monroe was chosen specifically for the project since he has experience in designing and creating monsters for both horror films and haunted houses. For Donald’s Trump’s statue, Monroe’s inspiration was the classic Hans Christian Anderson story “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” which is about an “overly self-assured leader who fails to realize his new suit is in fact his birthday suit,” as per a statement from a spokesperson for INDECENT.

The spokesperson added that the statue is meant to showcase the “modern day Emperor of Fascism and Bigotry.” Monroe himself has some resentment for Trump because of the candidate’s infuriating comments and behavior, according to a report from The Hill. He was especially displeased when he saw Trump made fun of a New York Times reporter who has a disability.

According to a report from The Washington Post, Donald Trump naked statues were spotted in public spots in New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Seattle and San Francisco. Crowds managed to take photos with them, but eventually, they were taken away. In New York, a Parks Department said, “NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.”

There is no comment yet from Trump regarding his naked statues.

The Emperor Has No Balls from Indecline on Vimeo.

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