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Donald Trump Made ‘Bastille Day’ Terror Attack All About Him, Again

Donald Trump Made ‘Bastille Day’ Terror Attack All About Him, Again
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Donald Trump Made ‘Bastille Day’ Terror Attack All About Him, Again

Presidential candidate Donald Trump made another tragedy all about him again. This time, the “Bastille Day” terror attack.

Earlier this week, the 70-year-old politician has announced that he will finally name his vice presidential candidate before weekend comes.

However, in the aftermath of the horrible attack that killed around 80 people in Nice, France, The presidential candidate changed his mind.

Instead of announcing that he will just postpone the announcement, he had to lump this with his message for France.

The Republican presidential candidate took to Twitter to make an announcement.

“In light of the horrible attack in Nice, France, I have postponed tomorrow’s news conference concerning my Vice Presidential announcement,” Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday afternoon.

While some may look at it as his way of paying respect to the victims, a lot of Twitter followers seemed unhappy about it because it just allegedly proves once more that he is full of himself.

One follower even pointed out that the announcement should read, “In an effort to make this all about me, I’m delaying this announcement until the world forgets about Nice.”

The same Twitter user insisted that what Donald Trump did was an indication of “self-serving narcissism” since he could have at least waited for the bodies to get “cold” before making such announcement.

On Thursday evening, the presidential hopeful accepted an interview with Fox News where he declared that “I haven’t made my final, final decision,” CNN reported.

He narrated as well that he has three people in mind who can be his running mate – Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie and Mike Pence. Among them, though, Donald Trump admitted that the latter has done a “fantastic job” as the governor of Indiana.

In the meantime, amid what the father of Ivanka Trump wrote and told Fox News about, CNN revealed that the politician has actually picked his VP already.

Accordingly, he already asked Mike Pence to be his vice president, which the 57-year-old governor accepted.

As to when Donald Trump is going to make the official announcement to the public, that still has to be known.

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