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Donald Trump Hypocrite: Own Models Claim They Worked Illegally In US

Donald Trump Hypocrite: Own Models Claim They Worked Illegally In US
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Donald Trump Hypocrite: Own Models Claim They Worked Illegally In US

Donald Trump appears to be in soup. Former models of his model management agency have accused the Republican Presidential nominee of employing them without proper visas and making them work in inhuman conditions.

The Trump Model Management which was set up by Donald Trump himself in 1999, allegedly exploited illegal immigrants and forced them to work in inhumane conditions. According to New York Daily News, he still owns 85 percent stake in the agency.

“Honestly, they are the most crooked agency I’ve ever worked for,” said Rachel Blais, a Canadian model. She signed with the agency in 2004 and did jobs for the company without a visa.

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The former Trump models claim that they were forced to live in a crowded basement apartment in New York City’s East Village, Mother Jones reports.

“It is like modern-day slavery…most of the girls in the apartment that were not American didn’t have a work visa,” Blais said. She added that at times there were more than 10 people living in the two bedroom apartment.

Another former model, Kate of Trump Model Management agreed. Anna said that she was only 18 when she joined the agency and she was the oldest in the group.

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Donald Trump is reportedly in trouble as immigration is the main subject of his presidential campaign. There were claims recently that his wife Melania Trump, a former model from Slovenia was allegedly working in the U.S. illegally before she married Trump.

Besides, Donald Trump is now accused of employing foreign models who came to U.S. on tourist visas and made them work in his agency illegally. He has previously claimed that immigrants were taking jobs and money of U.S. citizens.

Trump went to the extent of promising to “deport immigrants and build a wall on the Mexican border.”  His political views towards immigration have been hardcore since day one of his candidacy.

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