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‘House of Cards’ Frank Underwood Inspires Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy ‘America First’

‘House of Cards’ Frank Underwood Inspires Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy ‘America First’
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‘House of Cards’ Frank Underwood Inspires Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy ‘America First’

Does Donald Trump think he is “House of Cards'” Frank Underwood? Did “House of Cards” inspire Trump’s foreign policy?

These questions arise after the presidential candidate released his “America First” foreign policy plan, which sounded a lot like the plan fictitious character Francis Underwood developed.

On the third season of “House of Cards,” Frank Underwood, a role played by actor Kevin Spacey, developed a plan called “America Works.” It ultimately failed. News One reported though, that the failed plan actually seems like a success in the eyes of Donald Trump, because he developed one relatively similar to it.

It seems far-fetched, considering Donald Trump’s “America First” is a foreign policy plan, while Underwood’s “America Works” is a domestic job policy. However, the two seem to promote the thought that Americans should be looking out not after others, but only at themselves.

Under the “America First” program, Donald Trump intends to block oil purchases from Saudi Arabia. He criticized Saudi Arabia and other Arab allies for not doing more in combating the ISIS. He specifically ranted to The New York Times that this nation should have “commit ground troops to fight against the Islamic State,” or ISIS.

He then said he would require Saudi Arabia to “‘substantially reimburse’ the U.S. for combatting the militant group, which threatens their stability.” He said Saudi Arabia would not be around if the American military did not provide it with protection.

Under the policy, he also said he would allow Japan and South Korea to develop their nuclear arsenals — something previous governments were strictly against. He said, “Japan and South Korea should take more responsibility for their defense, including possibly developing their own nuclear weapons,” and he would sort out decades-long mutual defense treaties for this purpose.

He also revealed to NY Times that he plans on “withdrawing American forces from Japan and South Korea if those countries were not willing to pay more to keep those forces stationed in their countries.” He added that he will not be happy to do so, but he will, if so necessary.

He also said NATO is already obsolete. He said only the U.S. is spending so much to keep NATO running. Trump perceives U.S. spending on military defense for other countries as “economically unfair to the U.S.” He said he would rather set up “an alternative organization focused on counterterrorism.”

Trump also claimed that under the “America First” foreign policy plan, the best way to stop China from bullying other countries in the South China Sea was to “threaten its access to American markets.”

Trump’s foreign policy is deemed laughable by critics, with many calling him inexperienced. But that does not mean it was not empowering. The same can be said of Frank Underwood’s speech when he talked about “America Works.”

During his address, Underwood tells the American people that the government “[has] been lying” to them, that the American dream “has failed,” and that they are “entitled to nothing,” because Americans should build their own future. According to The Blaze, while those who caught the episode also had negative things to say about the speech, primarily about government’s role in producing jobs, no one can deny it was a very empowering speech for Americans.

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