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Donald Trump Health: ‘Dr Oz One-On-One With Donald Trump’ Air Date, Time, And Everything To Know

Donald Trump Health: ‘Dr Oz One-On-One With Donald Trump’ Air Date, Time, And Everything To Know
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Donald Trump Health: ‘Dr Oz One-On-One With Donald Trump’ Air Date, Time, And Everything To Know

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will be talking on the Dr. Oz Show about an issue that is being widely discussed in the media – the health of presidential candidates.

The business mogul will discuss with Dr. Mehmet Oz the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health on September 15. As reported by Deadline, the two will discuss Trump’s “health regimen” and his vision for America’s health.

Trump will also talk about his “well being, security, money and more.”

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Donald Trump health: Dr. Oz to analyze Republican presidential nominee’s physical

Speaking with “Fox and Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade, Dr. Oz said Trump took a physical last week, and that he will analyze the results. Dr. Oz will also disclose the results to the Republican presidential nominee, but with certain limitations. “If [Trump] puts limitations, I’ll acknowledge them,” Dr. Oz said.

During his conversation with Kilmeade, Dr. Oz emphasized that he will analyze not Trump himself, but the business mogul’s physical that was done by his doctor.

Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said, with regard to the health issue of presidential candidates, she supports “Dr. Oz and millions of Americans on this.”

Donald Trump health status not needed?

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As reported by CNN, Conway said, “I don’t know why we need such extensive medical reporting when we all have a right to privacy.”

Trump will appear on the Dr. Oz Show in the aftermath of Clinton not revealing that she is suffering from pneumonia. The diagnosis was made by Clinton’s doctor on Friday. Clinton had appeared to collapse, after feeling overheated and dehydrated, during a September 11 ceremony on Sunday.

A new season of the Dr. Oz Show will air on Monday, where mothers of police officers killed in Dallas and Baton Rouge will discuss the issue of gun violence.

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