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Donald Trump Is Only Getting 37 Percent Approval Now

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Donald Trump Is Only Getting 37 Percent Approval Now

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings seem to continue to go down. This time, one recent poll shows that his approval now is just 37 percent. This is the lowest approval rating that Trump has ever received since he had taken office back in January.

The rating is, indeed, proving to be a new low for the Trump administration. Back in March 7, Quinnipiac University showed that America’s rating of Trump was still at 41 percent.

According to the newest Quinnipiac University survey, Trump’s ratings further sank as he lost support among some of his key supporters. These include Republicans, men and a number of white voters. According to the survey results, as much as 43 percent of men now disapprove of Trump. Just two weeks ago, as much as 49 percent of men expressed approval for him.

Disapproval for Trump is strong.

On the other hand, 49 percent of white voters had approved of Trump’s presidency back in March 7. Today, as much as 44 percent now disapprove of him. At the same time, only 81 percent of Republicans now say they still approve of Trump. Two weeks ago, this number was as high as 91 percent.

Meanwhile, Trump is also getting much disapproval from other groups. As of the moment, he has 60 percent disapproval among women and 75 percent disapproval among the non-white voters. As for the Democrats, as much as 90 percent of the group now disapprove of Trump while 60 percent of independent voters also feel the same way.

Americans don’t believe Trump’s wiretap allegations.

There are a number of qualities that have influenced the increasing disapproval of Trump among Americans. One of these is honesty, a quality that America believes Trump may be incapable of. As much as 60 percent of Americans now say that he is dishonest. In fact, as much as 70 percent of American voters believe that former President Barack Obama did not wiretap the Trump Tower. 41 percent of Republicans also believe the same.

This number is up from 55 percent last March 7. 66 percent of Americans also believe is not a level-headed percent and 66 percent also say that he is not a strong person. And in fact, 57 percent have said he does not possess good leadership skills.

It remains to be seen if Trump’s continuing wiretap allegations will continue to sink his approval ratings in the coming weeks.

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