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Donald Trump IQ: Super Genius, Has An IQ Of 156 – Facts To Know

Donald Trump IQ: Super Genius, Has An IQ Of 156 – Facts To Know
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Donald Trump IQ: Super Genius, Has An IQ Of 156 – Facts To Know

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

A chart that ranked IQs of former US presidents have been doing the rounds since 2015 after being published in a news article. The same chart has again gone viral in December 2015, this time with the Donald Trump IQ score is featured.

The president-elect ranks among the smartest of US presidents with an IQ of 156, chart statistics say.

Davis Psychologist Dean Keith Simonton collected the data present in the chart which basically originates from a 2006 study. Simonton, who is also a distinguished author, used a historiometric method to derive the results as IQ scores of the yesteryears’ presidents were not available.

How  did the rumor come into being?

Simonton’s research was then used in a 2015 article that’s believed to have given rise to the rumor. As vulnerable that the social media is, it soon boiled down to the gossip that President Barrack Obama’s name was not in the list because of very low IQ.

That being said, the real reason behind Obama’s name not in the list was because the chart was compiled as early as in 2006 when Obama was not the president.

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Later, another unverifiable article by a shoddy website, Before It Is News, reported the following:

Mensa doesn’t accept SAT scores from after 1994. However Mr. Trump was a student at Wharton when it was possible to derive an accurate IQ core from known SAT scores. Given the usual requirements for admission to a top school like Wharton, I estimate that Mr. Trump has a 156 IQ at the minimum. 

The standard description of this level of intelligence is “Genius”. The percentile rating is more revealing than the raw score. A 156 IQ is at the 99.9905490555 percentile.  That means that Donald Trump is smarter than 99.99 percent of the people on planet earth. Not only does Trump qualify for membership in Mensa but he could join the Triple Nine Society.

Debunking The Rumor

However, according to a Mirror report, Trump never took the MBA course which Wharton is famous of. It also said that the president-elect just took some classes at Wharton but graduated from University of Pennsylvania.

The report went on further with other facts like Trump didn’t go through the usual admission process, something which the slapdash website used to estimate Trump’s IQ. Trump was but transferred to Wharton from Pennsylvania through his first year, which, of course, has a less rigorous intake requirement.

Also, Trump never released his High School or College Transcripts, which is why, the report argues, that it is impossible to determine his actual scholastic aptitude scores.

Furthermore, Wharton’s SAT requirements are currently set at 1500, according to And in order to achieve the aforesaid SAT score, one’s IQ must be between 145 and 149. Hence, it’s evident that the claim of Trump having an IQ of 156 renders totally null and void.

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