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Donald Trump Failing To Get Things Done During First 100 Days

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Donald Trump Failing To Get Things Done During First 100 Days

If there was an actual report card for American presidents, President Donald Trump may get a big, fat fail. It seems nothing he promised or planned is going according to plan. In fact, his first 100 days so far show that no agenda has been met.

On Friday, Trump experienced one of his biggest political setbacks yet. His plans to introduce a new health care bill stalled after it failed to reach enough votes in the U.S. Congress.

This is despite the Congress being controlled by Republican leaders, a party he ran for, according to a report in TIME. “I think we have to let Obamacare go its way for a little while,” Trump remarked following the development. He added the Obamacare is now “imploding and soon will explode.” Trump believes the Democrats would soon be willing to work with him on a new health care bill. “So they’re (Democrats) ‘gonna reach out when they’re ready. And whenever they’re ready, we’re ready.”

Keystone pipeline may face issues.

While Trump is experiencing issues in health care, he is also facing challenges regarding the Keystone XL pipeline. According to a report from Reuters, the job is far from done despite his approval of TransCanada Corp’s pipeline. This is because he will likely face issues with local permits and financing. At the same time, the company may face legal impediments to having the pipeline built at all. Trump once claimed that the pipeline would create as much as 28,000 jobs in the country; however, it was found that it would only create 35 permanent and 3,900 construction jobs.

Travel ban remains suspended.

Aside from problems with health care and issues with the pipeline, Trump is also facing challenges with his travel ban. The state of Hawaii had filed a complaint to overturn the travel ban against Muslim majority countries. The Trump administration later on revised the travel ban to remove Iraq from the list. According to Newsweek, a Virginia judge had ruled in its favor, though the travel ban remains suspended. At the same time, the administration introduced a new rule prohibiting electronic gadgets on flights from eight Muslim-majority countries.

While Trump is facing challenges from a number of fronts, there have been no updates regarding his other agendas. According to a video report from CNN, this includes the border wall and China trade.

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