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Donald Trump A Cocaine Addict, Report

Donald Trump A Cocaine Addict, Report
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Donald Trump A Cocaine Addict, Report

There is much talk on the internet about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s constant sniffling – and some are wondering if the business mogul is a coke addict.

The same was indicated by Former Virginia Governor Howard Dean, who is also a medical doctor, in a tweet when he said, “Notice Trump sniffling all the time. Coke user?”

While sniffling can be caused by snorting cocaine – which can also lead to nosebleeds – no substantial evidence has been put forth that indicates Trump takes drugs. Moreover, as noted by Forbes, several other factors are responsible for chronic sniffling – including allergies; being exposed to irritants like perfume, cigarette smoke and air pollution; chronic sinusitis; and consumption of medications that could cause sniffling.

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Donald Trump: What is causing his constant sniffling?

Trump’s sniffling also caught the attention of social media user Amy R, who posed the question to Carrie Fisher. “Tell me something about that sniffle…coke head or no?” Amy R asked. To this, Fisher replied, “I’m an expert & ABSOLUTELY.”

Fisher, who starred in the massively popular Star Wars films, said she used to do cocaine on the set during filming of the second movie of the series. “We did cocaine on the set of [The] Empire [Strikes Back], in the ice planet,” Fisher said, as reported by the Guardian in 2010. “I didn’t even like coke that much. It was just a case of getting on whatever train I needed to take to get high.”

She did not blame her addiction on anyone but herself, saying it had always been “my responsibility.”

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“If it was Hollywood [to be blamed] then we’d all be dope addicts,” she said.

Donald Trump: Carrie Fisher retracts her statement

Nevertheless, Fisher recently retracted her statement about calling Trump a coke addict, which she had made in response to a social media user asking her the same (as highlighted by the tweet mentioned above), at the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s New York Film Festival premiere for Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. “I don’t,” Fisher said, as reported by Vulture. “I don’t know because every day something weirder comes out about him and more awful.”

“But his brother died,” Fisher added, referring to Freddie Trump Jr. “His brother was an alcoholic and died of it. I think it scared him. He says he doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t do drugs, so he generally tells the worst truth to shock you. I know something about this, so if he did coke, he would want you to know.

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