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Donald Trump Can Send Mass Text Messages: Learn How To Block Him And Disable Future Alerts

Donald Trump Can Send Mass Text Messages: Learn How To Block Him And Disable Future Alerts
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Donald Trump Can Send Mass Text Messages: Learn How To Block Him And Disable Future Alerts

Starting January 20, Donald Trump can send mass text messages to every American in the country. Yes, “The Donald” will now be an unavoidable part of your daily life for the next four years, given that you still live on the grid.

If you think the president-elect’s Twitter wars were already too much to handle, he now has the power to mass text everyone. Congress has demanded carriers to make these texts unblockable on your smartphones.

According to New York Mag, the messages would be possible through the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs). These are texts you usually receive telling you about the weather, an Amber Alert about a missing child, or police operations in your area.

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Donald Trump To Use Emergency Broadcast System To Send Unblockable Text Messages

The program was put in place in 2006 after Congress passed the Warning, Alert, and Response Network (WARN) Act. It allowed targeted messages to be sent to every cell phone getting a signal from certain geographically relevant cell towers. This can be used in the event of a national emergency to send warnings to everyone in the country.

However, despite Congress trying to make messages from Donald Trump unavoidable, there are ways to block them from your phone. While it is not recommended, these tips might come in handy if total silence is a must-have.

Turn Off The Donald With These Tips

According to How To Geek, the easiest way to block alerts is to simply turn off alerts on your iPhone. This is located in the “Notifications” section of your phone’s settings. Simply go to “Government Alerts” and tap off AMBER and/or Emergency Alerts.

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For those using Android devices, turning off emergency broadcast messages offers more options than iOS users. Simply go to the “Emergency broadcasts” section of your phone’s settings choose to block alerts of varying threat levels.

Of course, keep in mind that the messages from Donald Trump are for alerts only, not idle banter. While you may or may not like the president-elect, these messages could spell the difference between safety and getting into a bad situation.

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