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Donald Trump Calls Obama ‘N-word’: President Allegedly Hiding Islamic Background, Report

Donald Trump Calls Obama ‘N-word’: President Allegedly Hiding Islamic Background, Report
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Donald Trump Calls Obama ‘N-word’: President Allegedly Hiding Islamic Background, Report

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump remarked about the ethnicity of U.S. president Barack Obama in a press conference on behalf of his party.

According to Trump, Obama is “secretly” Muslim.

The news was covered by Hot Global News. The publication notes that Trump’s claim was due to Obama’s middle name, which is Hussein. When confronted, however, Obama denied he was Muslim; he said he grew up around Muslims.

Donald Trump called Barack Obama the N-word?

For concealing his true ethnicity Trump allegedly called Obama a “lying n****r,” the publication notes. In response, a surprised Obama said, “I assure you I am not Muslim, though this has gotten ridiculous. Calling me a ‘nigger’ will not make me feel bad for myself, but it is making me feel bad for you.”

In a survey conducted by the Suffolk University, as many as seven percent of voters think the Republican presidential nominee is racist. While 44 percent of respondents answered the question in the affirmative, 47 percent said they did not believe Trump was racist, as reported by the Washington Post.

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Donald Trump’s use of N-word not validated

Meanwhile, the survey revealed that 54 percent respondents among all whites felt that Trump appealed to bigotry. The same number rose to 72 percent for non-white population. This included 29 percent Republicans believing Trump appeals to bigotry, and 84 percent who said they will be supporting him – meaning, there are 13 percent of those who think the presidential nominee appeals to bigotry and will support him.

However, Trump’s use of the N word is not validated, as noted by There is no record, the website says, of Trump calling Obama a Muslim, which led to a confrontation and the racial slur being flung. The website further notes there is no substantial proof to back the claim that Trump called Obama the N-word.

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