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Donald Trump Breast Pumping Rage Had His Poll Skyrocket

Donald Trump Breast Pumping Rage Had His Poll Skyrocket
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Donald Trump Breast Pumping Rage Had His Poll Skyrocket

U.S. Elections 2016 presidential contender, Donald Trump, once again lashed out on breast pumping lawyer Elizabeth Beck. The breastfeeding mom, he said, was just being vindictive for losing the court battle back in 2011.

Debate on breastfeeding and breast pumping has long reached a global scale. Once again, Trump was able to pull himself in the center of a very controversial topic, allowing his polls to skyrocket.

Trump, Disgusted over breast pump

Speaking with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Wednesday, Atty Beck said Trump went ballistic when she tried to express milk. The incident happened back in 2011, during a court deposition.

“He got up, his face got red, he shook his finger at me and he screamed, ‘You’re disgusting, you’re disgusting,’ and he ran out of there,” Beck said.

In a tweet following Beck’s interview, Trump said that he was disgusted not by the mere idea of breast pumping and expressing milk but because Beck attempted to do it in front of him.

This is the same reason he gave CNN’s Dana Bash in a separate interview.

“She wanted to breast pump in front of me and I may have said that’s disgusting, I may have said something else. I thought it was terrible. She’s a vicious, horrible person.”

“She made it up. She made it up,” he said. “She’s saying, ‘Oh, he was so violent and he was so, so wild and she was afraid.’ She was afraid of nobody. She’s a tough killer in Miami everyone knows she’s a killer. They all hate her,” he went on.

Trump’s executive president and general counsel Allen Garten also came in his defense, saying Beck had attempted to breast pump in the middle of a deposition, “in a deposition room with five lawyers and was not excusing herself.”

Garten said Beck had deliberately provoked them because “she ran out of questions and she didn’t know what to do.”

Beck argued that she has access to a breast-pumping break during lunch. And if Trump does not want to take a lunch break, the she does not want to missed out on her break other. She pulled out her breast pump and attempted to express milk but Trump had already stormed out of the courtroom.

Trump polled favorably among Hispanics and toppled Jeb Bush in Florida

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Trump is supported by 26 percent of Florida registered voters according to a St Pete Polls survey. Jeb Bush came only second with 20 percent. He also recorded a 34 percent favorability rating among the 1, 087 registered Hispanic voters, according to a poll by Public Policy Polling.


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