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Donald Trump Accused Of Election ‘Cover-Up’

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Donald Trump Accused Of Election ‘Cover-Up’

One reporter is now saying that President Donald Trump and his associates are all involved in a ‘cover-up.’ This comes as an investigation into the president’s administration’s links with Russia continues.

Carl Bernstein is one seasoned news reporter. In the past, he had covered the Watergate scandal for The Washington Post. Today, Bernstein believes that the Trump’s associates may have engaged in a cover-up to help Russia undermine the U.S. presidential elections last November.

“The cover-up is among those who worked in the Trump campaign and associates of Trump,” Bernstein during a recent interview with CNN. According to Bernstein, the said cover-up is linked to the leaked emails of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman.

Bernstein: White House trying to “keep away from what really happened.”

Bernstein also called on the White House to launch a full investigation into the alleged collusion instead of “pushing back” against it. Instead, however, he said there is “an attempt to keep away from what really happened here by the president of the United States.”

During the interview, Bernstein also recalled that the “heroes of Watergate” had been the Republicans. Today, however, he thinks Republicans are not as determined as they once were to investigate. “That’s what we’re not seeing here. We’re not seeing it from the Republicans on the Hill who are consumed by supposedly looking for leaks,” he said.

Adam Schiff: Evidence is no longer just circumstantial.

At the same time, Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, recently gave developments on the issue. He said that there is now “evidence that is not circumstantial” now to warrant an investigation into the matter. This comes after House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes made an announcement about incidental information among Trump associates. According to a report from The Atlantic, this was done without informing Schiff first.

During a recent speech at the Brookings Institution, Schiff said there seems to be a ‘hesitancy to dig too deeply” into the link between Trump’s associates and Russia. This is despite “unanimous conclusion of the 17 entities that make up the U.S. Intelligence Community” that Russia undermined the U.S. elections.

Meanwhile, Bernstein pointed out that the White House has also been trying to avoid the topic. “What we’re seeing is pushback, smoke screens,” he remarked.

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