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This Is How Dogs Really Feel About Cat Toys

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This Is How Dogs Really Feel About Cat Toys

Ever wondered what happens when dogs, cute and lovable as they are, are given a chance to play with cat toys?

The most adorable thing happened when three dogs, Quincey Fox, Eric and Fozie Bear Dog, were shown cat toys. Among the toys were a fishing rod, a noisy electronic mouse thing, a cat tower and an electronic bird in a ball.

Quincey Fox was perhaps frightful of the electronic mouse thing, which popped out part of the plastic mouse’s body from each of the three holes. Feeling a bit fearful, he ran away from the table. Eric, meanwhile, looked surprised each time a mouse came out of the hole.

What do you get when a cat tower is placed in front a dog?

Inquisitiveness. That is how the three dogs reacted when they were shown a cat tower. Curious, the dogs walked around the tower; one even tried to fit himself into the tiny space.

Meanwhile, Quincey Fox, in all his cuteness, found a sweet spot in the tower. The dog didn’t receive the electronic bird too well, though. Unable to comprehend the threat of the caged bird, Quincey Fox started barking at the ball.

Fozie Bear Dog, on the other hand, dealt with it effortlessly. Treating it like a regular ball, he began rolling it around.

The fishing rod received the most welcoming reaction – well, almost. Fozie Bear wanted to eat the fish hanging at the end of the rope. Quincey Fox was curious, trying to probe the identity of the creature that looked like a fish.

Dogs are cute, aren’t they?

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