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This Dog Walks For Miles Every Day Just To Say Hi To All His Friends

This Dog Walks For Miles Every Day Just To Say Hi To All His Friends
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This Dog Walks For Miles Every Day Just To Say Hi To All His Friends

“But I would walk 500 miles. And I would walk 500 more. Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door…”

Well, Bruno may not be walking 500 miles like the popular song suggests but this determined dog is, nonetheless, making it a point to travel miles and miles away from his home every day just to be able to see all of his friends. In fact, he would regularly go around an entire town so that he can make a number of his close human pals smile.

Bruno hails from the small town of Longville, Minnesota. The place’s population is said to be around 156 (more or less) and it seems every single one of them knows the lovable dog, so much so that they would take the time to pet him and sometimes, even given him food and water when he comes their way.

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You see, Bruno has been greeting everyone throughout Longville for the past 12 years. In a way, he is the town’s dog. But actually, I Heart Dogs reports that Bruno actually belongs to Larry LaVallee. Bruno was once a stray pup who was roaming outside Larry’s home. And when he saw him and fell in love with him, he decided to make Bruno a permanent part of his family.

Larry says that from the beginning, Bruno had made it clear that what he wants is to be able to roam freely, even when he already had an owner. “I tried to get him to stay home. I’d chain him up, and he’d try to hang himself. Then I took and had him fixed, which is supposed to calm them down, but it didn’t. That’s when I decided he was a runner, so I let him go to town every day,” Larry explained to Today News.

Today, Bruno is now 12 years old. He walks much slower than he used to, but that does not stop him from making a four-mile commute daily to see his friends. Based on a video of the dog’s adventures, Bruno likes to say to his friends at a local meat shop before proceeding to hang out at the Longville City Hall. And of course, he never misses a chance to stop by the local ice cream parlor.

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Along the way, local folks would say hi to Bruno. According to a report from Good News Network, some of them would even give him a ride back to his home just so he wouldn’t have to make a long trip to his family.

Today, a statue has already been erected in honor of Longville’s most popular dog. Perhaps, Bruno even passes by his statue during his daily excursions now.

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