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Dog Shelters Baby From Fire: Photos Of Polo, Baby Viv And Mom Erika

Dog Shelters Baby From Fire: Photos Of Polo, Baby Viv And Mom Erika
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Dog Shelters Baby From Fire: Photos Of Polo, Baby Viv And Mom Erika

It’s a scene that would horrify any mother. Erika had just stepped out of her car when her house suddenly burst into flames. Inside was her infant daughter Viv and her loyal pet dog, who would give his life to save Viv’s.

Eight-month-old Viviana was crying as the house burned late on Sunday. When the fire started, her mother Erika Poremski had gone outside to the car. When Erika turned around, the house was already in flames. Trapped inside were Viv and her dog Polo.

Dog Shelters Baby From Fire: Mom Erika Fought To Enter Home To Rescue Her Baby While House Was On Fire

Realizing that her child’s life was in danger, Poremski did what she could to get back inside the house, but to no avail.

“I just heard her crying and I couldn’t get to her. I tried really hard, everyone in the neighborhood tried. They were kicking the doors in and kicking the windows out. I couldn’t (get her out). Nobody could,” she recalled.

Poremski sustained burns on both face and hands after she attempted to get to her daughter several times during the fire.

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According to a report from ABC 7, when firefighters made it inside Poremski’s Baltimore home, they found Viviana inside, completely covered by Polo’s body. Because of this, Viv only suffered from burns on her side.

“He stayed with her the whole time in the bedroom and wouldn’t even come downstairs to get out the door,” Poremski explained.

At the scene, paramedics were able to revive Viviana. Sadly, however, Polo passed away. The baby had sustained some burns in her face and arm. Following the incident, Viv’s father Stevie Monie said that his daughter is critical but in a stable condition. Devastated by what happened, Monie posted on his Facebook page, saying, “Why…. I just can’t understand why this is happening.”

Viv is said to have sustained burns in 19 percent of her body. She is currently in the ICU of a children’s hospital and is not awake at this time. A GoFundMe page has been started to help Erika and Viv. The goal is to raise $75,000 for the mother and daughter. So far, over $36,000 has been raised in the past six days.


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