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Bullied Kid With Dwarfism Finds Self Through Rescue Dog

Bullied Kid With Dwarfism Finds Self Through Rescue Dog
Quaden & Buddy Stand Tall 4 Dwarfism/Facebook

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Bullied Kid With Dwarfism Finds Self Through Rescue Dog

A dog is a man’s best friend indeed. Nothing is more apparent when you see how much Shih Tzu Buddy mean to a young kid, Quaden Bayles.

Five-year-old Quaden Bayles, who has dwarfism and constantly faces bullying because it, now has a friend who makes him happier and more confident. The new friend is a dog who happens to have Quaden’s exact condition.

According to TODAY, Buddy, the Shih Tzu rescue dog who has achondroplasia is making Quaden a lot more positive than he ever was. At his tender age of give, Quaden constantly got bullied because of his dwarfism.

The bullying was so out of hand that Quaden cannot even stand his own family talking about his condition, up until he met Buddy. With Buddy, he found a true-blue best friend, because they share something so big in common.

With Buddy, Quaden can now smile more and have fun like kids his age should be doing. Standing only about half as tall as other kids his age, with limbs growing so much slower than his body and head, Quaden was constantly sad and wary with the world before the Shih Tzu entered his life.

The Australian boy however, is now more at peace with his condition because Buddy has it too. It made him feel less alone. According to the report, because of Buddy, Quaden has now accepted and embraced his condition. He even reportedly said that his dog “has dwarfism like me.”

“It’s been an instant confidence booster, where he’s now accepting his diagnosis so happily, like it’s cool to have dwarfism now.” his mother Yarraka Bayles told TODAY.

Buddy is not only Quaden’s best friend. He can now serve as an inspiration to more kids because he is now the mascot of Stand Tall 4 Dwarfism, which is a group showing Quaden’s adventures. The group is established by Quaden’s mom to spread awareness of dwarfism.

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