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‘Doctor Strange’ Spoilers: Early Review Suggests Movie Is ‘Breathtaking!’

‘Doctor Strange’ Spoilers: Early Review Suggests Movie Is ‘Breathtaking!’
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‘Doctor Strange’ Spoilers: Early Review Suggests Movie Is ‘Breathtaking!’

Since superhero fans were left disappointed with early reviews for “Suicide Squad,” the tide has turned towards Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” movie. Most of the fans are already considering the MCU line-up to be a hit judging its recent trailer released during San Diego Comic-con.

“Doctor Strange” is considered to be the first Multi-verse movie in MCU. As Marvel audience have been highly anticipating its release, some fans are doubtful about the movie appealing to the critics considering Director Scott Derrickson’s recent response.

“Doctor Strange” movie will be releasing on November this year. However, it looks like Marvel Studios may have already started its early screening for a lucky few VIPs.

A recent tweet by JTE mocks the recently released “Suicide Squad” movie by DC Extended Universe. But it also left Marvel fans with big smiles and relive.

According JTE’s posts, the movie critic alleges that his “good friend” was able to catch an “early screening of “Doctor Strange.” Furthermore, he also said that his friend found the movie to be “breathtaking!”.

JTE is an engineer for Screen Junkies and he also has a Youtube channel where he shares his reviews. Some fans still remain sceptical about the tweet. But most of the Marvel audience are rejoicing over the early review.

“Doctor Strange” movie will be released on November 4th, 2016. Benedict Cumberbatch is playing as Dr. Stephen Strange as Rachel McAdams plays her supporting role as Christine Palmer.

Speculations are already arising that Rachel McAdams could be a recurring actress in MCU like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts. But it’s too early to speculate it any further.

In other news, Marvel Studios just revealed new details on “Captain Marvel” movie. A tweet from a credible source has shared some news on the studio’s hunt for a director and its schedule date for production.

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