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DNC Staffer Seth Rich Mysterious Murder: Girlfriend Believes Killer Is Very Angry At Him

DNC Staffer Seth Rich Mysterious Murder: Girlfriend Believes Killer Is Very Angry At Him
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DNC Staffer Seth Rich Mysterious Murder: Girlfriend Believes Killer Is Very Angry At Him

The girlfriend of Seth Rich, former DNC staffer, felt that whoever shot him killed him out of anger. She stated that she is still waiting for answers.

Rich, 27-year-old Democratic Party employee, was gunned down in July. His family are currently speaking out, refuting conspiracy theories surrounding the murder.

The murder of Seth Rich took place on July 10; shortly after the killing, WikiLeaks released a huge set of emails belonging to the Democratic National Committee. The release resulted into the resignation of multiple party leaders on the eve of the Democratic Convention.

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According to WJLA News, it was discovered after the incident that nothing belonging to Rich was stolen after the shooting. This gave fodder to conspiracy theorists alleging that Rich might have been the whistleblower who provided Assange with the incriminating emails.

Things got more mysterious when Assange, founder of Wikileaks, offered a reward of $20,000 to anyone who could bring information that could aid in the arrest and conviction of the killer.

It was earlier reported that Rich had been drinking heavily at a bar the night he was killed. It was also stated back then that he was upset over an argument with his girlfriend, according to the Daily Mail.

The night of the murder, there was something evidently bothering the DNC staffer. People who knew him stated he was having problems with his girlfriend, which made drink more than usual.

It was also noted that while he was at the bar, Rich became extremely upset when one country western love song came on. During that moment, he asked the bartender to turn it off.

“He was a little bit sadder than usual,” said the bar’s general manager Joe Capone.

“Problems between girlfriends and boyfriends. It was like always wondering what the next step is [in the relationship], and what you’re going to do next. There’s always those worries, and Seth was worried about that a little bit.”

The DNC staffer’s girlfriend, Kelsey Mulka , 25, was not in D.C. the weekend he was killed. During that time, she refused to sit for press interviews.

It was also reported by Morning News USA that around 4 a.m., the same night, Rich was talking on the phone with his girlfriend minutes before he was shot and killed.

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