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Divorce’ Premiere: Time, Channel, Cast, Facts

Divorce’ Premiere: Time, Channel, Cast, Facts
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Divorce’ Premiere: Time, Channel, Cast, Facts

The new television comedy series,”Divorce“, marks the return of Sarah Jessica Parker to HBO after 12 years, since “Sex and the City” had end its run.

Starring as Frances DuFresne, she’s a woman who reassess her life and marriage, and realises that a fresh start or a clean break is much harder than what she had in mind.

It falls under the genre of dark comedy. Frances is an unhappy mother of two,Tom and Lila, who has decided to put an end to her twenty year old married life. According to YahooTV, in the sneak peek when Frances confess to her husband,Robert DuFresne, that she does not love him anymore, “I don’t love you anymore. I want a divorce.” – Frances, we get to see a not so pretty reaction of his.

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According to HBO,the cast includes:

Frances DuFresne, played by Sarah Jessica Parker

Robert DuFresne, played by Thomas Haden Church

Diane, played by Molly Shannon

Nick, played by Tracy Letts

Dallas, played by Talia Balsam

Tom DuFresne, played by Charlie Kilgore

Lila DuFresne, played by Sterling Jerins

The show is written by Sharon Horgan and Paul Simmons. It’s directed by Jesse Peretz. When the YahooTV asked Paul Simmons on the title of the show, he said,” I had a long talk with my wife after I got back from the TCAs, and she read that quote somewhere. But no, it is fun, and what seemed so appealing to me about this project originally is that so many shows that want to tackle marriage or something, there’s just sort of built into it is, you know, if you have a show about marriage these people are always going to be together. So no matter what problems happen, it’s never going to go beyond a certain point.”

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We are in for a pleasant surprise if it’s hard for us to imagine Sarah Jessica Parker playing someone else other than Carrie Bradshaw.

The pilot episode of “Divorce” premieres October 10th on HBO  at 3:10 A.M. ET.


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