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The Division: Tips To Master The Game

The Division: Tips To Master The Game
E3 2015: Tom Clancy’s The Division Announced BagoGames / Flickr CC BY 2.0


The Division: Tips To Master The Game

Tom Clancy’s The Division, a shooting game developed by Ubisoft, is one of the most popular video games of today’s times. Who doesn’t want to beat friends and master this game? All of you, right? To become an expert of this shooting game, follow the tips given below, whether you are playing it on PC, Xbox or PS4.

Unlock different skills

Apart from guns, there are three different skills that you can use to upgrade your score in The Division. Tech, Security and Medical are other skills that can be unlocked in the base of your operations. For example, if you complete medical side missions, you will earn points which will enable you to upgrade your medical wing. Listed below are the skills and their uses, as told by

  1. The medical skill tree provides access to perks that will let you heal yourself and other teammates, as well as detect hidden enemies.
  2. The tech skill tree is the most offensive, providing sticky bombs, mobile turrets and mines, making for a formidable offensive arsenal.
  3. The security skill tree which provides defensive options in the form of a bulletproof shield and a boost to cover durability.

Be a part of the team

The Division gives you the best gaming experience when played with friends. It not a game for loners. In case you do not have a group of friends to play with you, join the online groups. To do so, go to an agent in the hub area and choose to join the squad. Another option is to select “matchmaking” before you enter the mission area. The map can also be brought up in the Dark Zone to see which team you can join.

Keep an eye on barrels, grips and scopes

The Division gives you a chance to improve the performance of your guns. During the game, you will see barrels, grips and scopes. Collect them. They will not just help your firearms perform better by “increasing their damage or lowering their recoil,” says

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