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Ditching Your Android Facebook App Saves 20% of Your Device’s Battery Life

Ditching Your Android Facebook App Saves 20% of Your Device’s Battery Life
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Ditching Your Android Facebook App Saves 20% of Your Device’s Battery Life

For some time now, Facebook has been known to get into hot water because of their Android app. Users have been complaining how they are having performance issues on their smartphones. Some even noticed that the said app has been sucking their device’s battery.

These issues have been a cause of concern that according to Wired, Facebook chief product officer Chris Cox even took the move of making his staff stop using iPhones and instead start using Android phones to try and sort out the issues with a firsthand experience of it.

But it seems like their efforts are not enough and they have been unable to really sort out the issues that their Facebook app for Android continuously encounter. Recently, known Android blogger Russel Holly blogged about dumping the app, it led to users taking time to notice and discover something about the app’s concerning performance.

Among the people who read about Holly’s confession to having a better Android life sans Facebook is Reddit user pbrandes_eth who tested the said apps’ impact on Android run device, LG G4. During the tests, it was observed that other apps installed on Facebook and Facebook Messenger free mobile phones launched 15% faster than in those with the Facebook apps. The results gathered is similar when the apps loading performance was tested.

According to The Guardian’s Samuel Gibbs, after reading Holly’s blog post, it prompted him to explore other options on how he accesses his Facebook page. Gibbs wanted to see if the same findings by Holly and Reddit user, pbrandes_eth, could be the same for improving his smartphone’s battery life.

During the test, Gibbs uninstalled his Facebook app but still left the Messenger app installed in his Huawei Nexus 6P device and instead used “Metal.” Metal is an app that acts like a wrapper for the social media’s mobile site. During the whole day experiment he noted that his device had 20% more battery life. Gibbs continued the test every day for a period of a week and got the same result each time.

Gibbs has reported that the experiment has proven that though it is not easily shown that the social network’s app uses that much power within Android’s built-in battery statistics, it was evidently consuming more power in the background than it needs to.

In the end, The Guardian reporter also concluded that uninstalling the Facebook app saves both battery and evidently speeds up the performance of Android phones. Ditching the said app possibly is better to do for now until the social media giant finds out a way to improve its Android apps.

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