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Disneyland Philippines: Truth About The $350 Million Deal

Disneyland Philippines: Truth About The $350 Million Deal
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Disneyland Philippines: Truth About The $350 Million Deal

Over the past days an article about the supposed plan to build the Disneyland Philippines circulated around the social media. As it turned out, the report was a hoax.

As expected, the news spread and generated mixed reactions. A careful look at the article’s source website would give readers an idea about the legitimacy of the article, as reported by the Buzz Pinas, an online resource on anything viral in the Philippines.

The original source of the article, which became viral in the Philippines earlier this month, was the website According to the hoax article, Disney has already confirmed that a contract for $350 million was already signed and inked.

A quick check conducted by Morning News USA found that the website is known for articles that are meant for social media experiments. “This site built to measure the gullibility of most netizens who don’t know and/or refuse to use Google and other search engines in order to search the truth,” a disclaimer found in the website stated.

Now, since it’s all been settled that the article was nothing but a hoax, it would be best to ask why such a lucrative project is not being considered by Disney. The Philippines is home to around 100 million people. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the country’s current household population has ballooned to around 92,097,978 in 2010 from 76.3 million household population in 2000. The PSA data also showed that the median age of Filipinos was pegged at 23, which means a typical working class individual. This, according to some studies, is a good indicator that a country is ready for industries such as amusement parks.

Today, numerous Walt Disney theme parks can be found all over the world. The Walt Disney News reported that in Asia, Disneyland parks can be found in Hong-Kong and Japan. Currently, the company is constructing its sixth Disneyland in Shanghai, China. Disneyland Shanghai is set to open its door to amusement park goers in June this year, the South China Morning Post reported.

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