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Disney World Now Scanning Children’s Fingers: Here’s Everything To Know

Disney World Now Scanning Children’s Fingers: Here’s Everything To Know
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Disney World Now Scanning Children’s Fingers: Here’s Everything To Know

Disney World has implemented a new ticketing system that requires the scanning of children’s fingerprints to avoid ticket frauds.

But the new system did not sit well with parents, especially those who thought that the scanning of their children’s fingerprints violate their rights to privacy, the Local POV reported.

Fingerprints from 3-9 year-olds

The new ticketing system, which took effect last week, has been put in place by the management of Disney World to address the growing number of ticket fraud incidents. Under the new system, all children between 3 and 9 years old need to have their fingerprints taken to validate their park passes.

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Disney has emphasized that the fingerprint scanner for children aimed to protect guests from fraudulent scammers. It added that all scanned information will not be stored by the system and used for other purposes other than ticket validation.

“The system, which utilizes the technology of biometrics, takes an image of your finger, converts the image into a unique numerical value and immediately discards the image. The numerical value is recalled when you use Ticket Tag with the same ticket to re-enter or visit another Park. Ticket Tag does not store fingerprints,” the FAQ page of Disney World reads.

Safer than Paper Tickets

The paper and barcode-based tickets are prone to fraudulent activities, including reselling of tickets to other people. But the new system, which converts the scanned image into a unique serial number, is impossible to be controlled by multiple users.

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Although Disney, in most of its theme parks, has used the scanner-based ticketing system for its adult guests, its new measure received criticisms and ridicule from some parkgoers. But Disney maintained that parents can have their fingerprints taken instead of their children’s, CNN Money reported.

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