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Disney Scanner can Identify Gadgets by Electromagnetic Field

Disney Scanner can Identify Gadgets by Electromagnetic Field
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Disney Scanner can Identify Gadgets by Electromagnetic Field

Disney is all set prove that just like fingerprints, which are unique determiners of people, the electromagnetic field is something that separates one gadget from the next. A futuristic Disney scanner can tell one gadget apart from another by sensing their electromagnetic field, even if they look exactly alike.

Researchers at Disney innovation labs are conducting vigorous tests to determine whether gadgets can be rendered their very own digital fingerprint. According to Engadget, 40 devices have acted as test subjects so far, including 6 iPhones, 5 Lightsabers, 20 24-inch Dell LCD units, and 5 fluorescent tube light bulbs. A special $10 scanner has been used to transmit electromagnetic signals to custom-built software that has been developed to pinpoint 1000 frequency markers. The software then uses the frequency responses to create an EM-ID for each device that acts as its very own digital fingerprint, which cannot be replicated by another device.

Out of the 40 devices, the Disney scanner was able to successfully recognize 30 of them, which is a pretty good start. The trickiest ones out of all the gadgets tested were the iPhones, due what the Disney technicians believed was “frequency distribution that can overlap other models”, reports Ubergizmo.

Even though the purpose of such a technology could serve is not yet clear, Disney’s initial pitch for this tech is to help digitize the process of asset management and inventory maintenance and make it highly reliant on software alone. It is also assumed that it could make inventory tracking a lot less expensive because Disney scanner it is certainly going to be cheaper than RFID tags.

Moreover, with the Disney scanner, we could also be looking at a future when gadgets can be tracked a lot faster in case they got lost or stolen. If there was a database that recorded the electromagnetic field of each gadget against the person who purchased it, identifying who a particular gadget belongs to, will be a piece of cake.

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