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Disney Rolls Out Cloud-Based ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ Service

Disney Rolls Out Cloud-Based ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ Service


Disney Rolls Out Cloud-Based ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ Service

Walt Disney Co is not giving up on digital movie purchases just yet. In an obvious attempt to further encourage consumers to continue buying digital movie versions, the studio has launched its new cloud-based service called ‘Disney Movies Anywhere.’

The company said the new digital service would enable just about anyone to purchase and watch films from Disney, Marvel, and Pixar online. The copies of the downloaded movies could also be stored in the cloud. Thus, it would be possible to access and watch the movie on any laptop, desktop computer, or tablet.

The service would best be accessed and used through specific Apple Inc devices. The purchased and stored Disney movie could be opened and viewed on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It is also possible to access and watch those flicks through the Apple TV box.

Disney Movies Anywhere

It should be noted that just like many other Hollywood studios today, Disney is also aiming to bolster its digital sales. This is a real challenge especially as most consumers these days are already turning away from purchasing DVDs. Thus, a lucrative and steady revenue source has been lost.

Disney Movies Anywhere is built on the company’s own KeyChest proprietary digital rights locker, instead of the usual cloud storage service called UltraViolet, which in turn is used by several other Hollywood studios. Because of this technology, Disney obtains the ability to work in collaboration with iTunes and other future provider partners.

The service ensures that movie lovers could enjoy streamlined access to their favorite titles from Disney. It would be possible no matter what device they are using. The company is already in discussions with several other retailers to offer this service outside iTunes soon.

New income source

Disney Movies Anywhere was launched on Tuesday, February 25. That coincided with the digital release of the movie outfit’s blockbuster animated motion picture ‘Frozen.’ Thus, the movie is logically one of the first titles that are available through the new service.

The new digital service is expected to help Disney recover another source of income since sales of DVDs have dwindled over the years. It also signifies how the company is embracing the emergence of new digital technology. Disney is now riding on the popularity of the cloud storage service, which is among the most amazing technologies available to online consumers today.

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