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Disney Gator Attack: Matt, Melissa Graves Might Sue Disney World

Disney Gator Attack: Matt, Melissa Graves Might Sue Disney World
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Disney Gator Attack: Matt, Melissa Graves Might Sue Disney World

Disney World could face its worst legal nightmare should the family of the boy who died from a gator attack sues the park.

According to injury lawyers and law experts, there’s high possibility that the park could lose in a legal battle should the family of the two-year-old boy bring the case to court, Fox News reported.

The tragic incident happened inside the iconic Disney World theme park in Orlando, Florida when a family from Nebraska stayed at the park’s hotel. The couple Matt and Melissa Graves were traveling with their toddler who was playing near a man-made lagoon.

For lawyer Nicholas Gerson, a practicing injury attorney, it seemed that Disney did not observe due diligence when it failed to post warnings and other protective systems that could deter alligators from reaching parts of the resort humans could reach. Although the park posted No Swimming signs, experts believe it’s not enough to warn people of alligator presence.

“A simple no swimming sign doesn’t cut it, in light of knowing there’s wild animals and children on the property with no way to defend themselves. They [Disney] were negligent based on a potential failure to warn and failure to act reasonably under the circumstances. It’s certainly a huge damages case and one that Disney is going to want to deal with privately,” added Gerson. “How do you put a number on a child’s life?”

According to another expert litigator, lawyer Matt Morgan, the incident could cost the theme park giant a whooping legal suit that could amount to an eight-figure level, as he told Radar Online.

“This family can bring a wrongful death suit against the Walt Disney World Corporation if they had actual or constructive knowledge of a dangerous condition on their premises,” Morgan told Radar. “It easily will be an eight-figure case, based on the pain and suffering these parents will experience over their lifetimes.”

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