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Disney Gator Attack: 10-Foot Alligator Spotted One Month Before Lane Graves’ Tragic Death

Disney Gator Attack: 10-Foot Alligator Spotted One Month Before Lane Graves’ Tragic Death
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Disney Gator Attack: 10-Foot Alligator Spotted One Month Before Lane Graves’ Tragic Death

An alligator drowned a toddler at Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday. The search for the alligator is still underway, and new information has been revealed, suggesting that a 10-foot reptile was spotted at the same resort one month before the attack.

The two-year-old toddler Lane Graves tragically lost his life after an alligator attacked him and dragged him into a lagoon. The authorities of the resort are still searching for the reptile that took the life of the toddler. Previous reports indicated that authorities were able to recover an alligator, but it is still unconfirmed if it is the one involved in the deadly attack.

A new video has come into light that shows the 10-foot gator floating in the middle of the body of water. According to PEOPLE, a couple from Kentucky had shared the video clip and claimed that the alligator was at the Disney World beach in April 2016 — one month before the deadly attack that killed Graves. Although the clips are fairly short, the size of the reptile is clearly shown.

Even though the authorities didn’t do much at the time, the Kentucky vacationers tried to warn others.

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Allison Taylor along with her family headed to the swimming pool at Disney’s Floridian Resort & Spa, where they were alerted that there is an alligator in the water. Upon returning to their room, which overlooked the Seven Seas Lagoon, they spotted the dangerous reptile wandering on the beach.

CNN noted that Disney officials have revealed that the resort routinely removes alligators from the lake, but there are still instances where they cannot control the reptiles from returning. They have also put up “No Swimming” signs to warn visitors about the dangers of getting into the water.

However, Allison and many other parents think that putting signs and assigning lifeguards may not be enough. She suggested that Disney should put more detailed warning signs visible to all visitors.

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“Disney has visitors from all over the world. There should be more warnings, maybe pictures along with the signs,” she said to PEOPLE.

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