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‘Disney Enchanted Tales’ App: Build Magical Kingdoms Using ‘Frozen,’ ‘Tangled,’ ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Landmarks

‘Disney Enchanted Tales’ App: Build Magical Kingdoms Using ‘Frozen,’ ‘Tangled,’ ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Landmarks
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‘Disney Enchanted Tales’ App: Build Magical Kingdoms Using ‘Frozen,’ ‘Tangled,’ ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Landmarks

“Disney Enchanted Tales” App lets you remake the fairy tales of “Frozen,” “Tangled,” and “Beauty And The Beast” on your own terms!

If you thought Disney was only good for larger than life fairy tale movies on the big screen, you were wrong. It has come out with a free for all “Disney Enchanted Tales” App that lets one build their personal magical kingdoms within the game and remake the action of their favorite Disney tales!

Kids who have grown up watching characters such as Belle, Rapunzel, Anna, Prince Hans, Gaston, and Flynn will surely be delighted by the fact that they get to interact with these beloved characters while playing the game, reports Adweek.

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Perhaps the only con of the game is the fact that one cannot get involved in all the stories at once. One has to choose which story to play and get directed what he/she will have to do following one’s selection.

“Disney Enchanted Tales” Gameplay

Once a player selects a fairy tale, he/she will be told the plot of the fairy tale in a summarized manner. After that, the player can begin building their kingdom of dreams.

Unlike other classic building games like “Farmville”, one does not need to wait around, dying of boredom, as the castle and other buildings get built. They can stay engaged through the following type of tasks/missions, reports Tech Times:

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  • Moments: Small tasks like feeding chickens that let the players earn stars and level up faster.
  • Landmarks: One can explore the Disney empire set up within the game and complete tasks to unlock legendary fairy tale landmarks such as Belle’s Bookstore, Beast’s Castle, Elsa’s Ice Palace and Rapunzel’s Tower.
  • Missions: They are part of bigger tasks which when completed lets you have rewards such as outfits, coins, unlock buildings and characters.

The greater the number of buildings, more the number of tasks for the players to perform. “Disney Enchanted Tales” App is a great way to enjoy the classic fairy tales like never before!

“Disney Enchanted Tales” App can now be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices with optional in-app purchases.

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