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New Dinosaur Specie With ‘Can-Opener’ Claw Found In Argentina

New Dinosaur Specie With ‘Can-Opener’ Claw Found In Argentina
Dinosaur Mike Shaver / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


New Dinosaur Specie With ‘Can-Opener’ Claw Found In Argentina

Since dinosaurs last walked the Earth millions of years ago, these animals remain creatures of mystery for scientists.

Just recently, a group of scientists from the University of Alberta discovered a new species of dinosaur in Argentina. The dinosaurs were from a group of meat-eating giants. But this time, scientists found a peculiar characteristic from the dinosaur.

According to an article from the scientific journal Plos, the newly discovered dinosaur was named Murusraptor barrosaensis. Experts said the ostrich-like dinosaur belongs to the raptor family, or giant raptors at that.

Apart from the fact that the dinosaur was a type of a giant raptor, it also possesses a special feature, its “can-opener” claw. The Murusraptor barrosaensis is a medium-sized raptor with air-filled bird-like bone features similar to that of an ostrich.

University of Alberta professor Philip Currie, who led the research team, said the newly species of dinosaur was indeed a mysterious one. The discovery, according to Currie, could also lead to understanding of other species of dinosaurs.

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“What was thought to be the foot claws — the big can-opener claw of a dromaeosaur or raptor — were actually from the hands. We discovered all sorts of things through the course of our research,” said Currie in a statement as reported by CBC News.

Since the unearthed skeletons have been collected in a good condition, this, according to the research team, could yield vital information on the evolutionary origins of other dinosaurs under the megaraptorid group.

In an earlier report by Morning News USA, a separate team of paleontologists also discovered a unique species of dinosaur in Argentina also. The meat-eating dinosaur, which was named Gualicho shinyae, has forelimbs scientists described as absurdly tiny and resembles the popular dinosaur T. Rex and Velociraptor.

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